An Introduction

The focus of The Green Lens is to highlight the perspectives of everyday people on cannabis, including our own. Hopefully this will encourage more thoughtful and open discussion about cannabis throughout Ireland. We wish to see an Ireland free of the stigma that has been attached to weed for decades. One where informed, responsible adults can legally purchase it via prescriptions for a wide range of medical purposes, or partake in it recreationally.

We’d like to think that by writing this blog, we’re playing our part in some small way to help Ireland progress towards having full legalisation of weed. We will interview people from Ireland and abroad, some anonymously and others publicly. We’ll also write opinion pieces and articles covering cannabis on this island and elsewhere around the globe.

We’d love to hear from readers who would like to collaborate with us or contribute to the blog! If you would like to donate to us, we would really appreciate it:

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[* The creator of the above badges is @IrishHarvest on Twitter]

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