The Mighty Plus, by Storz und Bickel | Review

Before I start this review, I’d like to thank the generous people at Storz und Bickel for providing me with a free vapouriser for the purpose of this review. The Mighty+ (their flagship handheld device) can be purchased at this link: https://bit.ly/3EsVuVA 

Richard’s Thoughts:

To a vaping rookie like me, the Mighty+ dry herb vapouriser is a great product overall. It’s an upgrade to the Mighty, which costs only €60 less; presumably, this means that the Mighty+ offers better value for money. My first impression was that this thing looks futuristic. That’s not to say it’s intimidating or challenging to figure out how to work it; quite the opposite in fact. It comes with really handy, clear instructions, with plenty of illustrations for those who aren’t keen on reading manuals. One gets the impression, having used it quite a bit by the time this review began to take shape, that it is a well-engineered machine. It is designed to heat dry herb to an optimal temperature, somewhere between 180° and 210° Celsius, depending on preference. Your weed will get ‘good mileage’, without the need to mix in tobacco or other ground herbs.

You can change the screen display between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The vapouriser has a turning mouthpiece, which can be twisted inward to face the middle of the cooling chamber when you’re done vaping. Emptying and filling the bowl is simple. Twisting the cooling chamber anti-clockwise will remove it, revealing a central bowl underneath it to pack ground raw material into. There is also a small filling chamber tool and a brush which I don’t imagine needing all that often, but they’re useful to have. The price of €398 will be a turn-off for some, but its bulky appearance gives the impression that it can withstand plenty of falls and it comes with a one-year warranty. On the product webpage, S+B claim that the device can ‘supercharge’ to 80% in only 40 minutes, but there is an asterisk beside that claim. The “Supercharger” is sold separately for €24.95, which is arguably a little steep given the price of the Mighty+ to begin with.

The vapouriser arrived with about two bars of battery charge and it takes over 3 hours to fully charge when it has run out, by my reckoning. With that said, it has a rather good battery life so you shouldn’t need to charge it often. Even if you’re someone who seldom smokes, vaping makes for a pleasant alternative by feeling far less harsh on the throat. That’s not to say it never made me cough; it does occasionally, if I inhale a little much, too quickly. But generally, it’s very easy on the throat and leaves only a momentary hint of aftertaste in the mouth.

I would highly recommend the Mighty+ to anybody who enjoys a smoke but wishes to save the health of their throat and lungs in the long term – perhaps this justifies the premium price, if you consider it an investment in that sense. In addition, it makes your cannabis last and provides consistent results, giving you more bang for your buck when compared to smoking.

Nicholas’ Thoughts:

Initial impressions were the build quality of the vape. It is constructed perfectly, fits well in my hand, and feels like a premium product.  The screen to indicate charging and temperature is well placed and brightly lit, with easy-to-use buttons to adjust the temperature on each side of it. There is a handy filling chamber tool discreetly slotted into the bottom of the vape for filling and cleaning the chamber.

The box includes an assortment of replacement screens, a cleaning brush and a USB-C charging cable, all neatly packaged.  Using the vape itself is easy and intuitive. It was not daunting for a novice like myself to instantly make use of its temperature controls.

It wasn’t harsh on the throat and genuinely had a nice aftertaste which was something I was surprised by.

The ceramic-coated chamber of the vapouriser really makes a difference to the vapour, all for the better. I didn’t get a chance to take it apart for cleaning, but the manual is illustrated with easy-to-understand visual instructions.

Overall, for a portable device, the vape ensures durability and a pretty good battery life. It appears that in evaluating my first vaping session, I started at the top with a premiere device that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn is the benchmark in herbal vapourising.

It certainly feels like it!

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