About The Blog

Where the name comes from: Starting The Green Lens was first discussed as an idea between friends on the 31st of July 2020, as a means of highlighting the perspectives of everyday Irish people on cannabis, while also writing our own views on the subject. The Green Lens was suggested as a name for the blog as it was originally going to have a Humans of New York-inspired interview aesthetic, where there would be candid photographs taken of those being interviewed to accompany their interview texts. Some would have the interviewee’s face concealed or hidden in some way, depending on whether they wished to remain anonymous or not. The ‘Lens’ was supposed to evoke both a camera lens, documenting cannabis users and advocates, and a magnifying lens, used to investigate weed-related matters!

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and that our written work will help encourage more discussion about cannabis throughout Ireland.

The Writers: We’re Nicholas and Richard and we were born and raised in Ireland. We devote spare time to work on this blog and we are firm believers in the regulation and legalisation of cannabis. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to contribute or collaborate!

Email us: greenlensblog@gmail.com

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[* The creator of the above badges is @IrishHarvest on Twitter]