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  • Cannabis & The Gateway Drug Narrative

    Nicholas examines a common barrier which stifles the debate on marijuana reform.  The discussion of cannabis legislation is shrouded in untruths and misconceptions on the effects the drug has when recreationally used.  One of these untruths is the theory that marijuana is a gateway drug that precedes harsher drug use.  This myth is used to…

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  • Sienna Moodie | Palm Springs, California | 18.09.2020

    Sienna Moodie is an Oakland native who (under normal circumstances) works as a yoga instructor in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She incorporates cannabis into her yoga sessions and uses it personally on a daily basis. Since this interview took place, she launched her online five-week Live Your Yoga course, where one can “learn…

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  • Barry | 17.09.2020

    Barry is a Cork native who has been an advocate of cannabis for many years. In this conversation, he tells us about his letter-sending campaign which began on the 14th of July, as well as his experience of the Cork Canna Expo at Fitzgerald Park on August 8th, where he collected signatures for the letters to…

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  • An Introduction

    The focus of The Green Lens is to highlight the perspectives of everyday people on cannabis, including our own. Hopefully this will encourage more thoughtful and open discussion about cannabis throughout Ireland. We wish to see an Ireland free of the stigma that has been attached to weed for decades. One where informed, responsible adults…

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