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  • Cannabis Saved My Life

    Guest writer Adrienne Lynch bravely tells us about her life to date and how, despite ongoing mental health issues and related physical conditions, she was able to come off of debilitating prescription medications and to live a full, purposeful life, thanks to cannabis. It is a written testament to the potential for cannabis to completely […]

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  • Nicole of Cork Cannabis Activist Network | 10.11.2020

    Nicole runs the Cork Cannabis Activist Network across social media. She has been consistently drawing attention to how cannabis is presented in the Irish media and highlighting government inaction on legalisation. CCAN is on Instagram: @corkcan / Twitter: @cork_can What first drew you to cannabis? I can’t actually pinpoint a specific memory, but I do […]

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  • Natalie O’Regan | Cork, Ireland | 01.11.2020

    Natalie is a Master of Law candidate at University College Cork with an interest in drug policy reform and harm reduction. Her area of research involves the criminological theory of stigma and its impact on cannabis users. She advocates for decriminalisation as the first step needed in the process of removing such stigma. Twitter: @NatalieORegan1 […]

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  • Anonymous | Ireland | 05.10.2020

    Richard chats with a multi-faceted performer who incorporates burlesque, aerials and pole dancing into her shows. That’s when she’s not modelling, organising events, producing, or booking talent. She also runs a burlesque and cabaret variety show. This interview has been redacted in places, with certain sections cut to ensure the interviewee’s anonymity. Hello! Hi! You […]

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  • An Introduction

    The focus of The Green Lens is to highlight the perspectives of everyday people on cannabis, including our own. Hopefully this will encourage more thoughtful and open discussion about cannabis throughout Ireland. We wish to see an Ireland free of the stigma that has been attached to weed for decades. One where informed, responsible adults […]

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