Tag: painrelief

  • Evie Nevin | 26.05.21

    Evie Nevin is a political and disability rights activist. She is a member and former election candidate of the 1Social Democrats party and hosts 2The Zebra Mom Podcast, where she speaks with neurodivergent and disabled women. She has 3Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder which causes the production of faulty collagen. She has…

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  • Pierce Richmond | 31.03.2021

    Pierce Richmond is a 38 year old father of four from Dublin, now living in the North East. His father has late stage throat and oral cancer and they are currently reviewing options for palliative care. Here, Pierce chats about the use of cannabis for his father’s illness. Twitter: @egg__fried_reus When did you first become…

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