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  • No Country for Auld Smokers III

    Nicholas continues his No Country for Auld Smokers series, touching upon two cases from last year which deviated from the usual defendants brought before the courts for cannabis possession. As we begin a new year, we can only imagine what 2023 will bring for cannabis reform across Europe, with Germany’s landmark decision to declassify the…

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  • The Mighty Plus, by Storz und Bickel | Review

    Before I start this review, I’d like to thank the generous people at Storz und Bickel for providing me with a free vapouriser for the purpose of this review. The Mighty+ (their flagship handheld device) can be purchased at this link: https://bit.ly/3EsVuVA  The vapouriser arrived with about two bars of battery charge and it takes…

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  • Lynette Shaw – a biography

    Lynnette Shaw is considered by many in the United States to be a living legend – although, chances are, you may not be familiar with her. One nickname she is known affectionately by is “The Godmother of Ganja”. Her Twitter bio provides an impressive summary of accomplishments: “Invented the licenced medical marijuana dispensary system, 1997.…

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  • Achtung Smokers!

    Nicholas catches up with Germany’s current trajectory of cannabis reform as they advance towards decriminalising the plant as one of the most powerful members in the European Union.  But, how far long are they? It’s an optimistic view, but by the end of the decade I believe the landscape of Europe’s relationship with cannabis will…

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